Safe, Secure and Efficient Contact Managment System

Contacts-DB is a product to help businesses/organizations with a safe, secure and efficient storage and retrieval of contacts information including additional features like Visitor Forms,Notifications, Transaction Logging and Keyword Search capabilities.


Business / Personal

Contacts-DB is a product to help businesses/organizations

  • A New Definition for Search Capabilities through an unique application with a fast and secure methodology. Product includes categorization on contact type namely Clients, Suppliers, Members, Employees, Personal contacts etc. Permissions can be set to restrict access on information/reports to a specific group of users.
  • Detailed Analysis with Reports of Logins, Audit (create, update, change, delete), Visitor Entry Information and Logs, Statistics. Generate reports in PDF or CSV (Spreadsheet) format
  • Acts as a people Finder with Visitor Notifications within
    an organization
  • Automatic Backup of Data for fast retrieval of
    lost/corrupted data