Ancient texts speak of a legend that began before the dawn of time...

...the legend of a peaceful, prosperous kingdom, ruled by a very powerful and benevolent emperor. This kingdom, although very powerful, depended on the fragile balance of light and loyalty for its very existence. All was well, until one ominous day, treason was discovered lurking in the heart of a high-ranking knight. This poisoned traitor plunged the entire kingdom of Illuminaria into chaotic darkness.

A mysterious hourglass was turned at the capital province, and as the sands of time slipped through,This legend also records the bravery of one prince who paid a high price, in a secretive deal, to pay the ransom, and restore balance and illumination.

But will the wary, skeptic inhabitants of a doomed kingdom believe the warrior messengers who bear the message of ransom? Or will they continue to side with the traitor knight who promises revenge? A highway of escape out of the doomed province is available, but entrance is granted to only those who will be bold believe.