"We at, Alliance India takes this pleasure to invite you in our upcoming conference on "Mobile Consumerism 2013".

There has been a massive shift in consumerism, and most of us are contributing to this change without even realizing it. More minutes are now spent on the mobile market than the traditional internet. This means handheld devices are being utilized more than notebooks and laptops. As we all know, there is an app for everything. People now use them for many of the things they would previously have used the web for. They are turning to their smartphones to search, research and shop. A digital change is occurring in terms of consumerism, and many businesses are now adapting accordingly.

Mobile Consumerism conference, 2013 offers a variety of informative and innovative learning opportunities including inspirational talks, interactive seminars, intimate closed-door networking as well as oppotunity to benchmark with the Leaders. The Conference is your opportunity to network with peers, share best-practice and hone the future strategies that will secure your business' future.

We look forward to welcoming you...
Mobile Consumerism & Its Growing Importance
Enriching Mobile Experience - Turning Users Into Potential Consumers
Role Of Rural India - A Grow ing Market
Handling Mobile transaction And Traffic
Fraud &Industry Perspective ( Q&A ) Session